Comessa foods created South Africa’s first ever flavored Tortilla wraps and healthy popcorn. Comessa foods is 100% Level 3 Broad Based BEE business.Comessa foods' roots stem from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.Comessa foods is strongly committed to the up-liftment of fellow female colleagues. Tortilla Affair In Mexico, tortillas are made using Masa Harina (Corn Maize Flour). However in South Africa we prefer the wheat flour tortilla,We offer the traditional Heat Pressed white flour and the natural flavoured flour tortillas.Comessa foods. Comessa foods.Comessa foodsComessa foodsComessa foodsPopcorn AffairComessa foodsTortilla Affair In MexicoPopcorn AffairComessa foodsTortilla Affair In MexicoPopcorn AffairComessa foodsPopcorn AffairComessa foodsPopcorn AffairComessa foodsPopcorn Tortilla Affair In MexicoAffairComessa foodsComessa foodsComessa foodsOur brand carries the seal of GIFSA and DIABETICS SA Endorsed because our brand is low in Fat, low in Sodium and a zero Cholesterol level. High in Fibre and Natural energy. Thus the ideal snack for Slimmers, active people, diabetics and people who care about what they eat.Comessa foodsPopcorn AffairComessa foodsTortilla Affair Comessa foodsPopcorn AffairComessa foodsTortilla Affair